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Club Membership explained

Overall Benefits:

  • An opportunity to learn more about Africa +express and share your passion for Africa.

  • Gain new perspectives by engaging with people from diverse backgrounds. 

  • Broaden connections and build valuable networks.

  • Volunteers gain valuable experience to build your portfolio through the CLUB's Community Events and Projects.

  • The opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people by creating events that promote positivity and community togetherness while celebrating and sharing African Culture.

How to be part of the club:

*Join our meetup page www.meetup.com/The-African-Zest-Club-2-0/ OR fill out the membership application form directly on our website here. 

  1. Please read the types of memberships available and decide how you would like to be part of the club/family :)

  2. Kindly fill out an application form or email us directly if interested in collaborating/planning/sponsorship etc.

Membership types:

  1. Drop in/Attendee: Attend events or join projects once in a while, no need to register for membership.

  2. Event Volunteer: Volunteer at events (1 event or 1 day commitment required + sign a commitment form on the website.)

  3. Collaborators & planners: For those interested in assisting with planning of events or collaborating. The club is open to working on a project or event with individuals and organisations that align with our goals. Feel free to approach the Club with your own event/project idea or to offer your services through us to the community. (Please fill out a membership form on the website.)

  4. International Membership: members not residing in Canada (can participate on online events and international projects.) (Please fill out a membership form on the website.)

  5. ​​Sponsor/Donor: Monetary donations or event supplies, equipment or professional services. (Please email us directly.)

  6. Private membership: For board members, sponsors/donors, business opportunities and those interested in being part of the core of the club. (Please fill out a membership form on the website.)