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Working Out- as a "new years resolution"

What are your "fitness" new years resolutions plans?

We strive to be healthy, or rather to be as healthy as possible every day - however around new years the urge to become Super-Healthy seems to overcomes most of us. From the unused gym memberships, singing up for workout groups only to no-show, purchasing extra fruits and veges only to throw it out... Getting healthier, fitter, stronger etc is always a good way of thinking... Most have that goal as a new years resolution each year but somehow never start or cant stick to it. The best approach to this would be to make a plan that is specific, measurable and attainable [*What, when, where, how many, how long? Can you do this, do you have time?] You can always modify your plan as the year goes, making it more or less intense, but not stopping completely. Remember that is it alright to miss a workout or 2, there is no need for punishment. A simple solution would be to revise your workout plan and change the activities that might be making things more difficult than it should be and/or circumstances that might prevent you from desiring or being able to participate in physical activities. Here is a quick look at my new years workout plan and a few things that I do that might help you stick to yours.

My new years workout plan (Jan-March):

  • x2 runs per week (along the Harbour Front path)

  • x2 Strength straining

  • x1 Hot Yoga class per week (@YogaTree)

  • x10 Sun salutations daily

  • end of March - revise the workout plan, make notes of improvements, pain or injury, favorite activities, preferred workout times, plus comparing what worked vs what did not.

3 things that help me stay in the "healthy new years resolution" mood:

  1. Listen to the body - There are days when I am truly tired... and others when I am simply being extra clingy to the blankets. Of course one can always push him/herself each time to get out of bed or go after the day ends. However when we push ourselves when we genuinely need rest or past our threshold we risk injury - which can mean more days without being active. Hence why it is important for everyone to learn about their body so that they are able to tell the difference between being tired, which means more rest. But once we determine that it is one of those days were we need a push, then we must take it upon ourselves to find an effective motivator or perhaps a finding a reliable workout buddy or personal trainer for extra motivation and to help build self-efficacy (which refers to the belief in ones own capabilities to successfully execute necessary courses of action, such as engaging in an exercise program.) In my case I have a runny buddy :)

  2. Pick 3 daily Yoga poses or stretches - The benefits of stretching or doing Yoga daily for just a few minutes a day are numerous... In this case I personally have 3 Yoga poses that I always make time for everyday. (Low Lunge with An Arch,Bow Pose, Upward Facing Dog; https://www.yogiapproved.com/yoga/yoga-energy-boost/). Once I begin performing the poses I feel a boost of energy (mental and physical), a slight release in areas that were tight due to inactivity and it also serves as a reminder for the need for physical fitness. I usually end up going for a run or working out after performing my 3 daily yoga poses. Dynamic stretches or a yoga flow that warms up the major muscles of the body usually work best for this purpose. For example Sun salutations (https://www.artofliving.org/ca-en/how-do-sun-salutation).

  3. Hydrate "well" - Whenever I do not drink much water I feel exhausted and stiff. I prefer starting my day off with a cup of water followed by teas (a blend of dried turmeric, black pepper, ginger and moringa.) Water regulates the body temperature, lubricates joints and helps transport nutrients to give you energy and keep you healthy. +Cutting down as much processed liquids is important as well. This includes the liquids labeled healthy but have tons of sugar and preservatives which might cause further dehydration (i.e drinking alcohol dehydrates the body while sugary drinks can reduce the amount of fluid that your body actually retains.) Ideas for proper hydration: water, alkaline water, kombucha, tonics, herbal teas, smoothies, consuming fruits & vegetables with a high water content (watermelon, oranges, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes.) Organic or non-gmo wherever possible.

Whats your new years workout plan? Comment or share a link of your personal blog with how you plan on keeping/becoming fit this year (*no links for sales or dating site).


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