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The practice of Yoga was developed in ancient India around 3000-1800 BCE. The word yoga, from the Sanskrit word yuj means to bind/ "union".

Yoga is a sensible approach to mental and physical health that embodies more than poses and movements. It teaches us about and how to become one with our physical, mental, spiritual, psychic and transcendental selves.

Yoga is also defined as "Yogschitavrittnirodha" - which can be broken down as oneness and stillness of the fluctuations of the mind. There are guidelines available to help us become "one" without selves while we maintain a a still mind = enlightenment.


Yoga has eight limbs - "guidelines for conscious living" to help us attain oneness and enlightenment: the yamas (social and ethical standards), niyamas (observances), asana (postures), pranayama (breath control and exercises), pratyahara (sense control/withdrawal), dharana (practicing concentration), dhyani (meditation), and samadhi (enlightenment).

As we practice Yoga and explore these eight limbs, we gain more control of our physical and metal bodies (we become more aware/woke), our behavior and perception of the outer world changes; we then become more capable of focusing on our inner selves until we attain samadhi (enlightenment).

Who can practice Yoga?

Yoga is for everyone and for all body types - It is the ideal cross-training activity for all of life's ups and downs.


Yoga improves focus, control, breathing, posture, core, balance and flexibility.

It can help the body heal from injury, and you will learn how to manage safe and effective workouts while strengthening your whole body.


ALL fitness levels are welcome and poses can be modified for each individual.

So no need to worry about your current fitness level or capabilities - your endurance and range of motion will increase naturally once you start practicing consistently :)

Yoga styles offered at "AZ":

There are many styles and forms of Yoga!

African Zest Inc offers the following styles:

  • Hatha yoga (a combination of body postures, breath-work and meditation)

  • Vinyasa yoga (linking breath to movement in continuous dance-like movements/flow)

  • Ashtanga yoga

  • Mysore style Ashtanga Yoga

  • Yoga + Thai massage blend

Please click here for more information on the styles offered at African Zest.